• Ash Container set with shovel

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  • Description

    This Ash Container allows for safe storage of fireplace ashes without the fear of damaging the floor or carpeting. this ash container features a double bottom which provides a barrier between the hot ashes and your floor. It is also ideal as a decorative accent or for storing firewood, paper, wood pellets, etc. Our Ash Container is available in five different styles

     Product Capacity Weight Width Depth Height
    Ash container set

    5.16 imp gal

    23.4 litres

    3.04 kg

    6.7 lbs

     37.6 cm

    14.80 in

    35.1 cm

    13.82 in

    39.4 cm

    15.51 in

  • Ash Container set with shovel
  • Ash Container set with shovel

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